Mission Statement

  • To present the message of Islam through Allah’s word (The Quran) in a very short and concise form.
  • To select topics from Quran which directly affect not only this temporary life, but also permanent life hereafter.
  • To recognize and understand our creator and His final message to humanity.

About Me

I am Ahmed Azam. By profession I am an electrical Engineer (Now Retried). I did my Masters in EE, from university of Arkansas in 1981. Worked as Electrical Engineer and then as operation Test Manager for Teledyne Microelectronics, Los Angeles from 1981 to 2013.

After retirement I got interested in learning and researching Allah’s divine book (The Quran). During this journey to increase my own knowledge and understanding of the Quran, came across several interesting topics. Like what is the core message of Quran for human beings, who is Allah (our creator), why He created us and the heavens and the earth, Description of Hell and paradise in His book. How we can gain His pleasure and avoid His punishment in both lives? During my study I found out that avoiding Shirk and Repentance is best salvation available to us to please Allah. My goal is to share this knowledge with everybody.

Please read these research papers by clicking the tab in the Home Page. If you like it please share with your family, friends through any means including, word of mouth, face book, twitter or any social media. Be a part of spreading the Message of Quran, the final and ultimate guidance to humanity. Remember the saying of our beloved Prophet

“Convey from me even if it is a single verse“.